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From Terminator to “Governator”

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Everyone was surprised when action star Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for office as the governor of California. He was made a laughing stock and his career switch from stardom to politics was regarded as a joke by many. What they didn’t know was that even before he became a bigshot Hollywoood actor, Schwarzenegger had already been an advocate of several anti-drug support groups and environmental organizations. This man was serious on changing the world and making it a better place- and this may be why he won the elections.

However, 2005 was a disastrous year for him. His major policy proposals were rejected by voters in a special election, and it was quite conclusive that he wasn’t able to do any good for California. After learning his lesson, 2006 was a better year – he won voter approval for a proposal focused on improving transportation, schools, housing and flood control in the state. He worked with the lawmakers to increase the minimum wage in California. In six years, he was the first to submit the state budget which was instantly approved. From a laughing stock, Schwarzenegger is now a well-respected figure of politics, and a Terminator no more.

Political Pleasure vs. Political Pressure

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Based on 2006 year-end surveys, Bush is without a doubt one of America’s Most Hated President, his popularity dropping 18% from the year before. Most people would sympathize with the President, saying it is not easy to rule one of the world’s most successful countries and that the pressure of his daily tasks can affect his performance. However, in George W. Bush Jr’s case, he seems to drown himself in pleasure rather than pressure.

His net worth growing three times its post-election value from 6 million dollars to 19 million earlier this year, there is no doubt that he is definitely reaping the rewards more often than he sows the seeds. Scandals aplenty have surfaced but were somehow thrown under the mattress and disappeared into oblivion. These include lies and deception to push the war in Iraq, Texas government corruption, insider business deals involving bribery and coercion, selling oil stocks just before the Iraq invasion and generally a reflection of using his position to make his private fortune. It is clearly time for change, and this should be a lesson to Americans – do your background research before casting your vote, it might just save your country.

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Philosophical Politics

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The study of politics always revolves around one vital question: what should a person’s relationship to his society be? Just like the many superstitious beliefs and cultural traditions around the world, there’s a lot of different ethical concepts that can be applied in society. This leads to different forms of government styles that each country believes is best for their nation. Each leader has created a different set of standards to analyze and judge the members, institutions and their relationships to society – Conservatism, Liberalism, Anarchism, etc. Ultimately, the goal of each government style is happiness, equality and justice.

There is no right and wrong when it comes to government style, cause what works for one country is not sure to work for another. All it comes down to is the LEADER, not the government style. If his goal is self-centered such as wealth and luxury, there is no form of government that would work for his country. But if the leader genuinely wants economical success and a law-abiding citizens and social change (for the better), then politics would be just another word in the dictionary – success will be the ultimate goal.

When to Demolish Democracy

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Socrates was a wise man. A quote I shall never forget from all those philosophy classes I took was when he said “wise is he who knows nothing”. To decode this fortune cookie message, it just means that when someone admits to knowing nothing, he is the wiser than those who think they know everything. Why? Because he who knows nothing continues to seek knowledge, while he who thinks he knows everything will stop learning and will end up more boastful than he is wise.

I admire this great philosopher, but there was always one things that bugged me about him – he was anti-democracy! Why would one of the wisest minds in the history of the world go against a free society where everyone has a say in what happens? And then another quote hit me with the answer- “ideals belong only in a world the wise man can understand”. He was against democracy because he believed that most people did not know what was best for them. They were too selfish and arrogant that surely their vote would not be one to benefit an entire society. I wonder, is democracy the best government for us today?

New Tricks From An Old Dog

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More than five centuries before the birth of Christ, when people were said to be “uncivilized” and technology was but a dream, there was a wise man who knew that there was only one simple rule in life. This rule can be applied up to the present moment, as I type these words, and has been expanded into what the world now knows as Confucianism.

He knew that a government works through the people’s rights and rules based on the natural morality that defines what is wrong and what is right. Confucianism is based on simple ethics: make sure everyone does what is right and punish those who do not. At present, the world’s leaders rule through bribery, coercion and torture. This is probably why wars and terrorism come as no surprise to human beings in this so-called “modern” time. Confucius saw the deeper purpose of legislation- rules were created not for people to live in fear of punishments; they were created so that people will have a more solid conscience and thus follow them to avoid the personal shame that comes with breaking these rules. Who knew we could learn new tricks from an old dog?

Governing Priorities and Favoritism

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There is a theory called the higher-order theory of consciousness. It simply states that a human being always has two or more mental states, such as a thought or emotion, during his period of consciousness and the one perceived to be of more importance is placed in a higher-order state, thus causing the person to focus his energy on that situation. The lower-order states are not ignored though, they are simply given less importance. Like favoritism in a family, the parents do not starve the other children; they just focus more attention on their favorite.

It is interesting how easily applicable this theory is to the government and how our leaders run the country. For people who make wrong decisions in prioritizing, they only mess up something that is important to them – at the very most, their lives. If a ruler of an entire nation makes unreasonable priorities, or worse- if they put themselves first, then an entire country is screwed. This is why it’s easy to deduce why a third-world country’s leaders are most likely engaging in graft and corruption, and the first-world countries have better roads, health and educational systems, means of transportation and economies in general.

Gambling Ban

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When the online gambling was first introduced to the world in 1997, it came as a surprise to no one when these websites were a massive success. Their market now had the convenience of staying home and do what they loved on their favorite couch, everything just a few clicks away. No more tipping the dealer, going home to an angry wife, or walking around with tons of money.

The people who were most negatively affected by this new form of gambling was the government. They were faced with angry gambling protest groups and lower revenues from gambling taxes imposed on traditional casinos. In 2004, the Australian government was the first successful body of law to regulate gambling, making it illegal for other countries to offer their gambling services to Australians. The US followed suit with their Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which declares that it is illegal for any foreign institution to receive online gambling payments from US citizens.

The UK, France, Norway, Ireland and Sweden are reportedly drafting similar laws to ban or regulate online gambling. Personally, I think it’s another capitalism thing – I bet if online gambling sites shared the revenue, these laws won’t exist.

Hereditary Inheritance

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I got my eyes from my mom, and my hair color from my dad. My friend Ali got her smarts from her grandfather, who was also a genius in Maths. Some people hope to inherit their parents’ houses, cars or bank accounts. For others, they inherit an entire nation. Monarchy is a form of government where the entire state or country is ruled by a member of the “royal family”. As the word implies, the ruler has sole control over his subjects. Although monarchs have the same power as dictators, the latter tends to abuse this, overcome with greed and hunger hence earning the wrath of the people and most likely leads to the leader’s dethronement.

On the other hand, the royal family is usually loved by their subjects, as they show a genuine concern for the community and take the role of being the guiding elders of their subjects rather than the rulers of slaves. In countries like Thailand and the United Kingdom, this government style works very well. There is a symbiotic relationship between the King or Queen and his/her subjects as well as mutual respect on both ends, leading to the continued prosperity of the nation.

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Burning Bush

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Aside from many unresolved cases of money laundering, disappearances and lengthy vacations, President Bush is now being questioned for his choices in hiring subordinates. Claude Allen was arrested for shoplifting early last year. Despite a six-digit annual salary from the White House as one of Bush’s aides for domestic policy, he was caught pocketing some items from Target in order to get cash refunds. His pathetic excuse? Post-Hurricane Katrina stress. Bush can’t control his writers, either. White House official speech-writer David Frum’s wife sent a bragging email to friends that Bush’s famous “Axis of Evil” speech was written by her husband, causing a minor scandal. In another case, Lurita Doan, Bush’s chair of the GSA (General Services Administration), was accused to have “requested” the help of agency staff for the Republican candidates to emerge victorious in next year’s elections and then denying everything when the story leaked.

In my personal opinion, this poor choice of staff is another blow to Bush’s dwindling popularity, and adds to the many questionable dastardly deeds of this President. When can we get answers?

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Identifying Attraction

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How can you tell if someone is attracted to you? There are a couple of signs that can easily tell you that he fancies you, without him even knowing that he’s giving himself away. One can be spotted in casual conversations, or at any situation where the two of you are in close proximity. If he is leaning towards you, whether you are side by side or two seats away from each other in a huge classroom, then it symbolizes a deep physical desire to be close to you. This is subconscious on his part so you can easily pinpoint attraction. He is acting on behalf of his id, or Freud’s famous pleasure principle which subconsciously takes over the conscious being.

Second, if he tries to make subtle body contact while you guys are talking, like a casual brush of your arm or a lingering touch on the shoulder, then it means he is trying to let you know that he’s into you- the ball is in your court. The third and final signal is eye contact. If you catch him looking at you, this longing gaze is a window to his soul- take a hint!

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Everyone thinks that dictatorship is an evil crime, for with omnipotence comes abuse. Dictatorship is a leadership style characterized by autocracy wherein only an individual or a group of individuals control the executive, legislative and judiciary bodies of the government. The rulers have the power to govern even without the consent of those whom they govern. They do not follow the rules and regulations, the constitution or other socio-political aspects which control the state or nation. This unrestricted form of government gives absolute control to those who hold the leadership positions. Unlike totalitarianism which has the goal of being able to simply regulate the people’s actions and general behavior, whether public and private, dictatorship ignores their rights altogether.

It could lead to suffering, mass-murder and the complete annihilation of a nation. On the other hand, it could provide discipline, eradicate graft and corruption, and even lead towards the continued progress and improvement of a nation. I guess it is a matter of putting the right people in position- people who genuinely care for the country and have no intentions to abuse the power that is given to them. Maybe they can even make the world a better place.

The Game

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The game theory is based on applied mathematics and simply states that one’s successful decisions are highly dependent on the choices made by those around him. A good example of the game theory is the democratic government style, where the public actively participates in certain sectors of the government’s decision-making process such as voting and petitions. In two words, “majority wins”. If a president succeeds in improving a country’s socio-economical state during his term, then it is not only him who takes credit, but also those who voted for him.

The flaw of this theory lies in one’s inability to pinpoint those who contribute to the success. There is an unknown variable consisting of those who, for instance, refused to vote. The part of the population around the successful decision-maker who had no effect whatsoever on his victory. To answer the question regarding the effectivity of this theory in a political system, one must take into consideration the different styles of government, segregate those wherein the public have a say in matters (democracy, parliamentary, communism) and those wherein they do not (dictatorship or aristocracy) and put each group under a microscope for intense observation.

The Ruling Elites

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Who rules? That is the question. The quest of who rules in the governance of the land has been a struggle for men all throughout time. Since the early age of feudalism to the very age of today, it has remained a question.
According to the instrumentalist perspective, the state is merely an instrument for the ruling elites to rule because of its inert and passive role. Thus, the ruling elites, meeting at a point of similar beliefs and interests, consider their ruling as a key to gaining profit.

According to the structuralist perspective, the state is an active state. The involvement of the rulers and the rules is essential because it determines the status of the state in relation to its mode of production.
According to Antonio Gramsci, cultural hegemony is the means to maintain order in the state through the modes of production. People struggle for the attainment of their personal goals through competition. People strive to move from one lower class to a higher class. With this, the ruling elites maintain the power of governance.

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Submission to the Dictates

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Social contract is a guiding principle for the people for them to achieve “harmony” in their living. Thus, in every social activity wherein man is involved, it is bound to a mechanism that keeps them together, through the social contract.

If we are going to consider Thomas Hobbes’ concept of state, the Leviathan or the body of the state is the governing institution wherein people subject all their will to this power for the sake of freedom, independence and equality. The state is governed by a sovereign that is empowered according to the Leviathan.

For John Locke, in order to achieve the state of freedom, independence and equality, the state must be governed because men are naturally brutish, short and evil.

For Jean-Jacques Rousseau, there is this concept of state of freedom, independence and equality which can only be achieved if the fourth state is considered in the scenario. This fourth state is the state of liberty. Because men by nature is short and brutish, in order for them to achieve a harmonious social relationship with his fellows, he must feel free first. For him to feel free, he must be able to ruin out his insecurities. In competitions, men must feel security. To achieve this security, men must submit to social contract.

Fair and Square

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The whole world was trembled when a shocking news was released: the beheading of an American by Iraqis. Well, it is not shocking anymore, considering the tragic rival between the Americans and the Iraqis.

One version of the news that was released was this. “Iraqis have beheaded an American, dragged American corpses through the streets, and fed American corpses to the dogs.” For the Americans, this is an outrage. In normal condition, it is an outrage, but with Iraq’s condition in the present being, an outrage is normal. As shown in the video, the beheading of the US Marine Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun was even staged. The reports have been saying that it was the Iraqis who did that giving justification how Iraqis could possibly do that. Again, an outrage for the Iraqis is normal. Therefore, this equates that the beheading of the Americans is normal and that this justifies their act. The US military forces have gone beyond their scope and they have intruded the Iraqis.

Now, everything has gone fair and square.

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First Political Step

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My friend has encouraged my sister to run for mayoralty post. When my parents know about it, they didn’t say anything. But their image was more of an approval. I couldn’t react to what my friend said. Well, I had mixed thoughts and I could not just say it without talking to my sister first.

Number one, my sister is still on her twenties. It’s not that I don’t trust her because she is not capable to serve, it’s just that I find her very promising as an individual in her field that she has many things yet to learn. Her entry to politics will only make her life complicated.

Last night, I was able to talk to my sister and asked her views about the offer. I also was able to share to her what my opinions are. I was delighted with my sister’s reaction to my views. She said there’s still a long time to think and she has to decide in due time based on careful reflection.

Twisted Minds

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Going back to the one of the most disgusting political news I’ve heard, regarding the victory of an eighteen year old boy to a forty five year old juris doctor for the mayoralty position in a town nearby my place, I would like to express my opinion on it.

The eighteen year old candidate won because of his fame and money. His father used to be their town mayor and since his father cannot run anymore because he has already served thee consecutive terms, for their family to continue the dynasty, a family member must run. The most eligible, if you call it eligible, is his eldest son that is, again, eighteen years old.

Now the forty five year old lawyer lost because he lacked the funds and the supporters even though he has already established goodwill. The people, the electors, even before knowing deeply the candidates, had already picked a choice of who to vote based on money, influence and popularity.

Until we change ourselves can we make the world a better place to live in.

When Power Comes In

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A disgusting news was released after the elections were over. It was a month ago when I heard just a day after the votes had been casted. The news was an announcement of the results of the elections in a town nearby. An eighteen year old boy won over a forty five year old gentleman.

You may thought that I have a bias on age. I would say I favor to the experience that makes one qualify for a position. The forty five year old candidate is a juris doctor and has been in the service for more than twenty years. He has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people, especially those who people in need. He helps people without expecting anything from return. Everyone knows he had clear intentions for his town. Everyone knows he had a bright vision for his townspeople. And he still lost. He lost over an eighteen-year old kiddo.

What could’ve been the problem?

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Click On It

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Everyone is not safe. Everyone, including the President seated in the White House. Much more the President. Actually, it does not matter anymore who seats where and who serves who because everyone is entitled for their freedom of speech, so basically, everyone can say what they want to say to who they want to say it.

I know there are consequences if they say too much and that the receiving party has been affected of what has been said to him. But even so, the point here is not everyone is safe any longer. Say for example the US President (because he is one of the most famous personalities in the world). There are in fact a huge collection of parodies, doctored photos, political cartoons, and other funny pictures that are associated with him and his moves in the White House and in the United States. All these are made available worldwide, all because of information technology. All these bluffs can are just a click away.

When You Don’t Know It

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If you are a political figure, it cannot be prevented that you will be traced by your followers. These followers of yours may be those who find you credible and reliable as a leader or those who find you a huge mistake. But nevertheless, regardless of the types of followers you have, since you are a political and public figure, it is already expected of you that you deliver your dues.

Regardless of your achievements be praised or mocked, you are already out of it. There are those people, no matter what you do to them, even if you have already exhausted your best capacity, they will see you a mishap. Worse, they do black propaganda to you so that even during your term of service you will already have a negative impression to the people. Worst, you lose your turn in the next election. Well, not because you are ineligible but because people already lose their trust on you. And the next thing you know, you have a slim chance to win the elections.