My Voice, My Stand

Up Until Now

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 28/06/2007

I was not mesmerized when I learned about the current trend of political dynasties in the Philippines. The last time I visited the archipelago was the time for both synchronized national and local elections. Because I had been given ample time to stay in the country for about three months, I was able to notice about their political situation especially during elections.

True enough, it was saddening to know that up until that time, the country still had plenty of traditional politicians wherein the traditional means of campaigning and garnering votes were utilized. I am not into traditional politicians because the ways that are used by these people are the very basic animalistic skills – that is, exhausting all the possibilities to get into the seat, by hook or by crook. It is quite sad to know also that not only old people joined politics, but also those who were even in their minor ages (18 years old or less). What can these kids know about politics?

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