My Voice, My Stand

Jumping Over

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 29/09/2007

Election fever seems to be just around the corner. Wherever you are in the globe, because of information technology, you get updates about who is doing what. Just like for example when I went to a place in South-east Asia for vacation, instead of the traditional way of having fun and relaxing, I gained fun because of my first hand experience with their setup in the political arena. Because I found interest in knowing a little of their political history, I interviewed people and asked around. I also took time to hear news or read it via the Internet because it is rather more accessible for me than those materials on prints.

I have taken noticed that these pool of people who engaged in the political fields, unlike in my point of origin, intervened to each other’s backyards. There was no consistency in their choice of political parties thus, it could be drawn that these people did not have one word in fighting for their stand – because as history documents it, these people shift stands from one end to the opposite.

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