My Voice, My Stand

Speak Up!

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 27/10/2007

A crime usually follows after a strong resistance for submission to one’s declaration and claim of power. If you do not follow the big boss, it means getting your life put into danger. If you smell anomalies that attaches your big boss, you shut up and better not squeal them. If you know facts, malicious facts, about your big boss, you still have the option. You can shut up and follow your leader.

Or you can take the hero effect and get the sympathy of the affected, innocent people who call for truth and justice and support you in your fight for truth and justice as soon as you reveal to them what you know and claim a malicious fact. This malicious fact, thus, serves as evidence, and may be considered the primary one. In this case, however, though you appear to be the people’s hero, you should also take and accept the possible consequences of your squealing of those sensitive and confidential matters.

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