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Tongues Out For You

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 14/11/2007

Two elections ago, a candidate ran under the opposition. He campaigned extremely. He exhausted all possible resources he had because he was so eager to win. Though he was not that popular as the rest, because he was in the opposition (and the administration wasn’t making fresh smell to the whole voting population), with all the efforts from the opposition team, he made it to the senatorial level. I would say he was lucky enough because he rode in with the popularity of his party, the opposition. He got those people who resorted to the opposition because they lost confidence to the administration.

And he knew he had a reputation to protect, a responsibility to be proven.

Last election, the country was shocked because of his sudden decision to change party. From the opposition, he transferred to the administration because the administration was rumored to have plenty of funds for the elections. The opposition cannot support their candidates fully in terms of financial matters.

So he had to compromise his “ideals” for his self intentions. Good thing, he lost.

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