My Voice, My Stand

Humbled By Her Faith

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 17/12/2007

A lot of people might have not known Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Contrary to other political figures, Clinton remains herself grounded. Her ideals have remained intact and her principles are never tarnished because of her strong faith in God.

Ever since her first lady times, she has joined various prayer meetings and rallies. She also attended a Senate prayer meeting shortly after winning election in 2000. Now that she has clear intentions in her ambition to sit in the White House, there have been releases that Clinton has been making herself involved in religious activities so she can have the votes of those co-believers. Some even negatively discount her actions as cynical political manueverings.

Personally speaking, I believe we need a kind of leader like Hillary Clinton. Not just is she very smart and pretty (despite her growing age), she is also humbled by her faith. With all these characteristics, I am sure that Senator Hillary Clinton can make a good President to the United States of America.

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