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When Power Comes In

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 11/02/2008

A disgusting news was released after the elections were over. It was a month ago when I heard just a day after the votes had been casted. The news was an announcement of the results of the elections in a town nearby. An eighteen year old boy won over a forty five year old gentleman.

You may thought that I have a bias on age. I would say I favor to the experience that makes one qualify for a position. The forty five year old candidate is a juris doctor and has been in the service for more than twenty years. He has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people, especially those who people in need. He helps people without expecting anything from return. Everyone knows he had clear intentions for his town. Everyone knows he had a bright vision for his townspeople. And he still lost. He lost over an eighteen-year old kiddo.

What could’ve been the problem?

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