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Submission to the Dictates

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 05/05/2008

Social contract is a guiding principle for the people for them to achieve “harmony” in their living. Thus, in every social activity wherein man is involved, it is bound to a mechanism that keeps them together, through the social contract.

If we are going to consider Thomas Hobbes’ concept of state, the Leviathan or the body of the state is the governing institution wherein people subject all their will to this power for the sake of freedom, independence and equality. The state is governed by a sovereign that is empowered according to the Leviathan.

For John Locke, in order to achieve the state of freedom, independence and equality, the state must be governed because men are naturally brutish, short and evil.

For Jean-Jacques Rousseau, there is this concept of state of freedom, independence and equality which can only be achieved if the fourth state is considered in the scenario. This fourth state is the state of liberty. Because men by nature is short and brutish, in order for them to achieve a harmonious social relationship with his fellows, he must feel free first. For him to feel free, he must be able to ruin out his insecurities. In competitions, men must feel security. To achieve this security, men must submit to social contract.

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