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The Ruling Elites

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 20/05/2008

Who rules? That is the question. The quest of who rules in the governance of the land has been a struggle for men all throughout time. Since the early age of feudalism to the very age of today, it has remained a question.
According to the instrumentalist perspective, the state is merely an instrument for the ruling elites to rule because of its inert and passive role. Thus, the ruling elites, meeting at a point of similar beliefs and interests, consider their ruling as a key to gaining profit.

According to the structuralist perspective, the state is an active state. The involvement of the rulers and the rules is essential because it determines the status of the state in relation to its mode of production.
According to Antonio Gramsci, cultural hegemony is the means to maintain order in the state through the modes of production. People struggle for the attainment of their personal goals through competition. People strive to move from one lower class to a higher class. With this, the ruling elites maintain the power of governance.

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