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The Game

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 31/05/2008

The game theory is based on applied mathematics and simply states that one’s successful decisions are highly dependent on the choices made by those around him. A good example of the game theory is the democratic government style, where the public actively participates in certain sectors of the government’s decision-making process such as voting and petitions. In two words, “majority wins”. If a president succeeds in improving a country’s socio-economical state during his term, then it is not only him who takes credit, but also those who voted for him.

The flaw of this theory lies in one’s inability to pinpoint those who contribute to the success. There is an unknown variable consisting of those who, for instance, refused to vote. The part of the population around the successful decision-maker who had no effect whatsoever on his victory. To answer the question regarding the effectivity of this theory in a political system, one must take into consideration the different styles of government, segregate those wherein the public have a say in matters (democracy, parliamentary, communism) and those wherein they do not (dictatorship or aristocracy) and put each group under a microscope for intense observation.

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