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Burning Bush

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 27/06/2008

Aside from many unresolved cases of money laundering, disappearances and lengthy vacations, President Bush is now being questioned for his choices in hiring subordinates. Claude Allen was arrested for shoplifting early last year. Despite a six-digit annual salary from the White House as one of Bush’s aides for domestic policy, he was caught pocketing some items from Target in order to get cash refunds. His pathetic excuse? Post-Hurricane Katrina stress. Bush can’t control his writers, either. White House official speech-writer David Frum’s wife sent a bragging email to friends that Bush’s famous “Axis of Evil” speech was written by her husband, causing a minor scandal. In another case, Lurita Doan, Bush’s chair of the GSA (General Services Administration), was accused to have “requested” the help of agency staff for the Republican candidates to emerge victorious in next year’s elections and then denying everything when the story leaked.

In my personal opinion, this poor choice of staff is another blow to Bush’s dwindling popularity, and adds to the many questionable dastardly deeds of this President. When can we get answers?

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Identifying Attraction

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 15/06/2008

How can you tell if someone is attracted to you? There are a couple of signs that can easily tell you that he fancies you, without him even knowing that he’s giving himself away. One can be spotted in casual conversations, or at any situation where the two of you are in close proximity. If he is leaning towards you, whether you are side by side or two seats away from each other in a huge classroom, then it symbolizes a deep physical desire to be close to you. This is subconscious on his part so you can easily pinpoint attraction. He is acting on behalf of his id, or Freud’s famous pleasure principle which subconsciously takes over the conscious being.

Second, if he tries to make subtle body contact while you guys are talking, like a casual brush of your arm or a lingering touch on the shoulder, then it means he is trying to let you know that he’s into you- the ball is in your court. The third and final signal is eye contact. If you catch him looking at you, this longing gaze is a window to his soul- take a hint!

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Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 04/06/2008

Everyone thinks that dictatorship is an evil crime, for with omnipotence comes abuse. Dictatorship is a leadership style characterized by autocracy wherein only an individual or a group of individuals control the executive, legislative and judiciary bodies of the government. The rulers have the power to govern even without the consent of those whom they govern. They do not follow the rules and regulations, the constitution or other socio-political aspects which control the state or nation. This unrestricted form of government gives absolute control to those who hold the leadership positions. Unlike totalitarianism which has the goal of being able to simply regulate the people’s actions and general behavior, whether public and private, dictatorship ignores their rights altogether.

It could lead to suffering, mass-murder and the complete annihilation of a nation. On the other hand, it could provide discipline, eradicate graft and corruption, and even lead towards the continued progress and improvement of a nation. I guess it is a matter of putting the right people in position- people who genuinely care for the country and have no intentions to abuse the power that is given to them. Maybe they can even make the world a better place.