My Voice, My Stand


Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 04/06/2008

Everyone thinks that dictatorship is an evil crime, for with omnipotence comes abuse. Dictatorship is a leadership style characterized by autocracy wherein only an individual or a group of individuals control the executive, legislative and judiciary bodies of the government. The rulers have the power to govern even without the consent of those whom they govern. They do not follow the rules and regulations, the constitution or other socio-political aspects which control the state or nation. This unrestricted form of government gives absolute control to those who hold the leadership positions. Unlike totalitarianism which has the goal of being able to simply regulate the people’s actions and general behavior, whether public and private, dictatorship ignores their rights altogether.

It could lead to suffering, mass-murder and the complete annihilation of a nation. On the other hand, it could provide discipline, eradicate graft and corruption, and even lead towards the continued progress and improvement of a nation. I guess it is a matter of putting the right people in position- people who genuinely care for the country and have no intentions to abuse the power that is given to them. Maybe they can even make the world a better place.

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