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Identifying Attraction

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 15/06/2008

How can you tell if someone is attracted to you? There are a couple of signs that can easily tell you that he fancies you, without him even knowing that he’s giving himself away. One can be spotted in casual conversations, or at any situation where the two of you are in close proximity. If he is leaning towards you, whether you are side by side or two seats away from each other in a huge classroom, then it symbolizes a deep physical desire to be close to you. This is subconscious on his part so you can easily pinpoint attraction. He is acting on behalf of his id, or Freud’s famous pleasure principle which subconsciously takes over the conscious being.

Second, if he tries to make subtle body contact while you guys are talking, like a casual brush of your arm or a lingering touch on the shoulder, then it means he is trying to let you know that he’s into you- the ball is in your court. The third and final signal is eye contact. If you catch him looking at you, this longing gaze is a window to his soul- take a hint!

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