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Hereditary Inheritance

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 11/07/2008

I got my eyes from my mom, and my hair color from my dad. My friend Ali got her smarts from her grandfather, who was also a genius in Maths. Some people hope to inherit their parents’ houses, cars or bank accounts. For others, they inherit an entire nation. Monarchy is a form of government where the entire state or country is ruled by a member of the “royal family”. As the word implies, the ruler has sole control over his subjects. Although monarchs have the same power as dictators, the latter tends to abuse this, overcome with greed and hunger hence earning the wrath of the people and most likely leads to the leader’s dethronement.

On the other hand, the royal family is usually loved by their subjects, as they show a genuine concern for the community and take the role of being the guiding elders of their subjects rather than the rulers of slaves. In countries like Thailand and the United Kingdom, this government style works very well. There is a symbiotic relationship between the King or Queen and his/her subjects as well as mutual respect on both ends, leading to the continued prosperity of the nation.

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