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New Tricks From An Old Dog

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 15/08/2008

More than five centuries before the birth of Christ, when people were said to be “uncivilized” and technology was but a dream, there was a wise man who knew that there was only one simple rule in life. This rule can be applied up to the present moment, as I type these words, and has been expanded into what the world now knows as Confucianism.

He knew that a government works through the people’s rights and rules based on the natural morality that defines what is wrong and what is right. Confucianism is based on simple ethics: make sure everyone does what is right and punish those who do not. At present, the world’s leaders rule through bribery, coercion and torture. This is probably why wars and terrorism come as no surprise to human beings in this so-called “modern” time. Confucius saw the deeper purpose of legislation- rules were created not for people to live in fear of punishments; they were created so that people will have a more solid conscience and thus follow them to avoid the personal shame that comes with breaking these rules. Who knew we could learn new tricks from an old dog?

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