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Philosophical Politics

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 26/08/2008

The study of politics always revolves around one vital question: what should a person’s relationship to his society be? Just like the many superstitious beliefs and cultural traditions around the world, there’s a lot of different ethical concepts that can be applied in society. This leads to different forms of government styles that each country believes is best for their nation. Each leader has created a different set of standards to analyze and judge the members, institutions and their relationships to society – Conservatism, Liberalism, Anarchism, etc. Ultimately, the goal of each government style is happiness, equality and justice.

There is no right and wrong when it comes to government style, cause what works for one country is not sure to work for another. All it comes down to is the LEADER, not the government style. If his goal is self-centered such as wealth and luxury, there is no form of government that would work for his country. But if the leader genuinely wants economical success and a law-abiding citizens and social change (for the better), then politics would be just another word in the dictionary – success will be the ultimate goal.

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