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From Terminator to “Governator”

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 28/09/2008

Everyone was surprised when action star Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for office as the governor of California. He was made a laughing stock and his career switch from stardom to politics was regarded as a joke by many. What they didn’t know was that even before he became a bigshot Hollywoood actor, Schwarzenegger had already been an advocate of several anti-drug support groups and environmental organizations. This man was serious on changing the world and making it a better place- and this may be why he won the elections.

However, 2005 was a disastrous year for him. His major policy proposals were rejected by voters in a special election, and it was quite conclusive that he wasn’t able to do any good for California. After learning his lesson, 2006 was a better year – he won voter approval for a proposal focused on improving transportation, schools, housing and flood control in the state. He worked with the lawmakers to increase the minimum wage in California. In six years, he was the first to submit the state budget which was instantly approved. From a laughing stock, Schwarzenegger is now a well-respected figure of politics, and a Terminator no more.

Political Pleasure vs. Political Pressure

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 13/09/2008

Based on 2006 year-end surveys, Bush is without a doubt one of America’s Most Hated President, his popularity dropping 18% from the year before. Most people would sympathize with the President, saying it is not easy to rule one of the world’s most successful countries and that the pressure of his daily tasks can affect his performance. However, in George W. Bush Jr’s case, he seems to drown himself in pleasure rather than pressure.

His net worth growing three times its post-election value from 6 million dollars to 19 million earlier this year, there is no doubt that he is definitely reaping the rewards more often than he sows the seeds. Scandals aplenty have surfaced but were somehow thrown under the mattress and disappeared into oblivion. These include lies and deception to push the war in Iraq, Texas government corruption, insider business deals involving bribery and coercion, selling oil stocks just before the Iraq invasion and generally a reflection of using his position to make his private fortune. It is clearly time for change, and this should be a lesson to Americans – do your background research before casting your vote, it might just save your country.

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