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Humbled By Her Faith

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 17/12/2007

A lot of people might have not known Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Contrary to other political figures, Clinton remains herself grounded. Her ideals have remained intact and her principles are never tarnished because of her strong faith in God.

Ever since her first lady times, she has joined various prayer meetings and rallies. She also attended a Senate prayer meeting shortly after winning election in 2000. Now that she has clear intentions in her ambition to sit in the White House, there have been releases that Clinton has been making herself involved in religious activities so she can have the votes of those co-believers. Some even negatively discount her actions as cynical political manueverings.

Personally speaking, I believe we need a kind of leader like Hillary Clinton. Not just is she very smart and pretty (despite her growing age), she is also humbled by her faith. With all these characteristics, I am sure that Senator Hillary Clinton can make a good President to the United States of America.

Tongues Out For You

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Two elections ago, a candidate ran under the opposition. He campaigned extremely. He exhausted all possible resources he had because he was so eager to win. Though he was not that popular as the rest, because he was in the opposition (and the administration wasn’t making fresh smell to the whole voting population), with all the efforts from the opposition team, he made it to the senatorial level. I would say he was lucky enough because he rode in with the popularity of his party, the opposition. He got those people who resorted to the opposition because they lost confidence to the administration.

And he knew he had a reputation to protect, a responsibility to be proven.

Last election, the country was shocked because of his sudden decision to change party. From the opposition, he transferred to the administration because the administration was rumored to have plenty of funds for the elections. The opposition cannot support their candidates fully in terms of financial matters.

So he had to compromise his “ideals” for his self intentions. Good thing, he lost.

Speak Up!

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A crime usually follows after a strong resistance for submission to one’s declaration and claim of power. If you do not follow the big boss, it means getting your life put into danger. If you smell anomalies that attaches your big boss, you shut up and better not squeal them. If you know facts, malicious facts, about your big boss, you still have the option. You can shut up and follow your leader.

Or you can take the hero effect and get the sympathy of the affected, innocent people who call for truth and justice and support you in your fight for truth and justice as soon as you reveal to them what you know and claim a malicious fact. This malicious fact, thus, serves as evidence, and may be considered the primary one. In this case, however, though you appear to be the people’s hero, you should also take and accept the possible consequences of your squealing of those sensitive and confidential matters.

Jumping Over

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Election fever seems to be just around the corner. Wherever you are in the globe, because of information technology, you get updates about who is doing what. Just like for example when I went to a place in South-east Asia for vacation, instead of the traditional way of having fun and relaxing, I gained fun because of my first hand experience with their setup in the political arena. Because I found interest in knowing a little of their political history, I interviewed people and asked around. I also took time to hear news or read it via the Internet because it is rather more accessible for me than those materials on prints.

I have taken noticed that these pool of people who engaged in the political fields, unlike in my point of origin, intervened to each other’s backyards. There was no consistency in their choice of political parties thus, it could be drawn that these people did not have one word in fighting for their stand – because as history documents it, these people shift stands from one end to the opposite.

We, Men, Are Equal With Women

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I have observed that the empowerment of women in various fields has been blatantly known. This is interesting to women and those feminists who continue to fight for gender sensitivity.

When I first heard the news about Hilary Clinton running for the Presidential post, I was rather happy and excited. I knew that Hilary was not-so-stable as a candidate because, she, too had flaws. But nevertheless, I did not lose interest in getting myself updated on her doings and whereabouts. She’s a woman and she may be perceived as someone who has a weak heart for the position she intended to run – because this is the reality in a conventional society. But for me, Hilary Clinton is just one of the millions of women who are now empowered and that no matter Hilary Clinton win or lose, it will have no bearing really. What matters was her determination, guts and the attitude that is tantamount to that of men.

Family Picture

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When I learned that my next stop was the Pearl of the Orient in South East Asia, I did not hesitate to accept the job assigned to me by my boss. I said to myself that it was the perfect time for me to work and at the same time have fun. And I was right. Though the initial parameter I had on “having fun” was changed on my actual stay there.

I still had fun because I was able to witness the political setting of the country, that was very much different with mine. I saw that people there were so interested in politics. In fact, every member in the family was running for different posts in the government. It may be tolerable to sound because nepotism is normal in every developing nation, but it’s already a different story altogether when those involved in the vital seats in the government include a father, a mother and their three siblings, two of whom, were minors.

Up Until Now

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I was not mesmerized when I learned about the current trend of political dynasties in the Philippines. The last time I visited the archipelago was the time for both synchronized national and local elections. Because I had been given ample time to stay in the country for about three months, I was able to notice about their political situation especially during elections.

True enough, it was saddening to know that up until that time, the country still had plenty of traditional politicians wherein the traditional means of campaigning and garnering votes were utilized. I am not into traditional politicians because the ways that are used by these people are the very basic animalistic skills – that is, exhausting all the possibilities to get into the seat, by hook or by crook. It is quite sad to know also that not only old people joined politics, but also those who were even in their minor ages (18 years old or less). What can these kids know about politics?

The State Is A Black Box

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When I was in my college, I have encountered a teacher who encouraged me to refocus my studies from the global affairs to the local one. She recommended that I focus on the people of the various regions of the world rather than the regional power balance among governments. I didn’t like the suggestion because the topic she suggested to me was the job of historians. Theorists on International Relations do not often examine people.

Like most of the rest, I view the state as a black box. The subjects of my studies were states and their governments while the objects of state actions are populations. But I eventually reached to the point that featured the inadequacy of such analyses. Now the ironic thing here is that I had first sought to study International Relations in order to help people overcome conflict, but in my focus on the politics of conflict, I had lost sight of the people.

Karl Marx’s Thoughts And My Queries

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If the people will be deprived of their right on private property, will a person’s efficiency in working drop knowing that they are working not for his own goal but the goal of the majority? If communism promotes equality, why do their leaders get the bigger piece of the pie so to speak? How does capitalism link the two other modes of production: feudalism and socialism. Can a society leapfrog (skipping capitalism) from feudal system going to social societies without any disadvantage?

Why did Marx argue that capitalism should be enriched but down the stretch, you need to annihilate it towards transition to socialism? “The bourgeoisie has torn away from the family it’s sentimental veil and has reduced the family relation to a mere money relation (quoted from Karl Marx).” Will that be the price of a capitalist society or even a struggling one has to pay in order to be progressive?

Sir, Can I Take A Leave For Another Job?

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There is one question that crossed my mind and it intrigues me. I’ve been following several political seasons and there is always one common denominator. It is always that those who run for President/Vice President do not give up their “regular job.” Why don’t they resign their job for them to run for the post they want?

I mean, this is the situation. Think about it. Could this possibly happen in your job? Could you go to your supervisor and tell him that you will leave for a couple of months because you are hunting for another job? Could you even dare to tell him that what you are doing of hunting for another job is for the best interest of the company that you’re in, but if you don’t get the new job that you are aspiring then you can always go back to your “regular job” and be back to doing your same old routine the following day? Plus, you want to borrow the company’s resources during your application process of your next job.

Through The Times

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Senator Hillary Clinton’s faith has all the courage and might she needs and has helped her survive through the times. As one of her senior advisers spoke, faith is not something new to her and that it is integral to who she is. Clinton used to teach Sunday school in Arkansas.

Clinton’s faith has obviously sustained her during her days in the White House when she dealt issues like her husband’s infidelity. It is because of her faith that help her sustain throughout a public life making her an object of painful scrutiny. As her chief of staff once commented, it’s no doubt that Hillary was able to get through all of her tough times in the White House. And this is again, all because of her faith. The chief of staff once recalled that Clinton had little prayer cards that she carried with her and look at on occasion.