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When You Don’t Know It

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 12/01/2008

If you are a political figure, it cannot be prevented that you will be traced by your followers. These followers of yours may be those who find you credible and reliable as a leader or those who find you a huge mistake. But nevertheless, regardless of the types of followers you have, since you are a political and public figure, it is already expected of you that you deliver your dues.

Regardless of your achievements be praised or mocked, you are already out of it. There are those people, no matter what you do to them, even if you have already exhausted your best capacity, they will see you a mishap. Worse, they do black propaganda to you so that even during your term of service you will already have a negative impression to the people. Worst, you lose your turn in the next election. Well, not because you are ineligible but because people already lose their trust on you. And the next thing you know, you have a slim chance to win the elections.

Sir, Can I Take A Leave For Another Job?

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 25/04/2007

There is one question that crossed my mind and it intrigues me. I’ve been following several political seasons and there is always one common denominator. It is always that those who run for President/Vice President do not give up their “regular job.” Why don’t they resign their job for them to run for the post they want?

I mean, this is the situation. Think about it. Could this possibly happen in your job? Could you go to your supervisor and tell him that you will leave for a couple of months because you are hunting for another job? Could you even dare to tell him that what you are doing of hunting for another job is for the best interest of the company that you’re in, but if you don’t get the new job that you are aspiring then you can always go back to your “regular job” and be back to doing your same old routine the following day? Plus, you want to borrow the company’s resources during your application process of your next job.