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Political Pleasure vs. Political Pressure

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 13/09/2008

Based on 2006 year-end surveys, Bush is without a doubt one of America’s Most Hated President, his popularity dropping 18% from the year before. Most people would sympathize with the President, saying it is not easy to rule one of the world’s most successful countries and that the pressure of his daily tasks can affect his performance. However, in George W. Bush Jr’s case, he seems to drown himself in pleasure rather than pressure.

His net worth growing three times its post-election value from 6 million dollars to 19 million earlier this year, there is no doubt that he is definitely reaping the rewards more often than he sows the seeds. Scandals aplenty have surfaced but were somehow thrown under the mattress and disappeared into oblivion. These include lies and deception to push the war in Iraq, Texas government corruption, insider business deals involving bribery and coercion, selling oil stocks just before the Iraq invasion and generally a reflection of using his position to make his private fortune. It is clearly time for change, and this should be a lesson to Americans – do your background research before casting your vote, it might just save your country.

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Fair and Square

Posted in Uncategorized by warycriticaleye on 20/04/2008

The whole world was trembled when a shocking news was released: the beheading of an American by Iraqis. Well, it is not shocking anymore, considering the tragic rival between the Americans and the Iraqis.

One version of the news that was released was this. “Iraqis have beheaded an American, dragged American corpses through the streets, and fed American corpses to the dogs.” For the Americans, this is an outrage. In normal condition, it is an outrage, but with Iraq’s condition in the present being, an outrage is normal. As shown in the video, the beheading of the US Marine Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun was even staged. The reports have been saying that it was the Iraqis who did that giving justification how Iraqis could possibly do that. Again, an outrage for the Iraqis is normal. Therefore, this equates that the beheading of the Americans is normal and that this justifies their act. The US military forces have gone beyond their scope and they have intruded the Iraqis.

Now, everything has gone fair and square.

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